Dear visitor from outside the Netherlands and Belgium,

you are welcome to visit this website and download the examples (which are in English most of the time).

This site can be read in several languages thanks to automated translation, but keep in mind that this site originaly is in Dutch. These translations are not perfect since all text is first translated into English and only then into the language you choose. Double translation causes a lot to become lost in it, databasetable is often translated into the thing one puts things on called a table and that is only correct in English 🙂

It is not possible to log in on this website nor to become a member. You can read any article and download any file. Your movements will not be tracked in any way other than to have the site function properly.

Brute-force and user-enumeration attacks have been tried by the hundred-thousands (really!), hence I do not want anyone to login (including myself 😉 ).

Thank you and have fun with the information you retrieve on this website!

Kindest regards, Menno